Trace Heating.

As specialists in thermal insulation, we also provide trace heating installations, which includes frost protection and hot water services.

Why Trace Heating?


We began to install trace heating in 2009 due to increased demand for the service, alongside our efforts to be able to provide a more complete, seamless service to our clients.

With our knowledge of the insulation stage, we are uniquely positioned to install trace heating more effectively than 3rd party suppliers, saving on time and labour costs.


What is Trace Heating?

As opposed to flow and return installations, trace heating helps a water system maintain a constant temperature. It’s the method most commonly used in large buildings like hotels and office blocks to ensure that water is warm just moments after it begins to flow out of any tap.


What are the Benefits of Trace Heating?

Trace heating helps to save energy and therefore, money. It can also help to reduce a building’s carbon footprint thanks to its high levels of efficiency when complemented by thermal insulation.

What’s more, trace heating protects pipework from frost and freezing, helping to prevent problems in colder conditions.

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