Industrial Plant Removals.

We can carry out the removals of all redundant plant from existing boiler and plant rooms, including boilers, cylinders, and associated pipe work.

Specialist Boiler Removal Services.


Our specialist industrial plant removals service has been in operation since 2002, following a large amount of work with many local authorities throughout the progression from oil boilers to gas in schools and other educational facilities in the past 15 years.

Once an old or no longer required boiler has been decommissioned by an engineer, our team of specialists remove the boiler for recycling.

In most cases, following the replacement installation, we are instructed to complete the thermal insulation required to ensure that the new boiler meets its potential for reducing energy consumption.


Our Experience

At Poplar Insulation, we have worked on many complex removal projects in difficult environments with tight timelines, such as Torbay Hospital, which involved the extraction of three 18 tonne steam boilers.

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